Day 1: A punch in the stomach delivered by the scale

Yesterday was a day that I feel like I did well on the diet. The only two snacks of the day were a little bit of cheese, not even 20 grams, and a protein diet bar, with little over 100 calories.

Both dinner and lunch where grilled turkey, with just salad. The only fruit, or dessert, was a single orange.

The breakfast was a couple of protein-based pancakes, with this nutritional info.

Protein based diet pancakes nutritional facts

Other than this just water and black coffee, no sugar or milk added. Today I did my morning routine of going up to the digital scale, and the result was a punch in the stomach: +0.9 kg.

This is a blow, even if I know that the body works on a larger timeframe, and that day to day wight fluctuates not only because of what you ate the day before. Its a fact, and even my smart scale sends me weekly reports on average weight that week, discouraging the day to day evaluation of what I did.

But it’s institivly to hope for a good result on the scale the day after you did well. Now it’s time to think with the brain not with the heart, and go for another day of doing the right choices, for that we know it’ll show on latter on that damn scale.