Diet bars, good, evil, or a cheat that works?

There are hundreds of diet bars on the market that give you the promise of a healthy way to have a low calories snack on your pocket. And that can be satisfying and filling. 

Too good to be true right? Well, maybe. Today on the gas station I’ve just picked a couple of them for the start of this new battle against weight.

Diet Bars

The one that I ate this afternoon was not that bad. A little rubery, but the extra bite to chew was a nice way to get a little less hungry. The taste is not that bad, but its not gourmet for sure. And yes, it tastes a little artificial. But if you look at the nutritional values, you got this.

Couple of Diet Bars that promises low calories

Great right? High values of dietary fibre and protein, just 106 calories, a winner? Well, for now, I’ll stick to a yes, and for a couple of weeks, this will be one of my go-to snacks.

Today between my lunch and my dinner will be just one of this things, a lot of coffee, black no sugar, and water. Will this be enough to stop the urges for eating something more? Today I believe so, the first day is always easier, the next couple of days will be a lot worse.


That is a good question that I can’t state for sure right now. For me it seems like a little cheat to be honest. The bars are a sweet, and are a processed item for sure.

The maker of this diet bars days that they are good for you, and quite natural. The ingredient list seems to be ok. But its truly better than a bar of homemade granola with honey?

While I tend to think that a granola, or something like that, would be healthier, i know that they have a lot more calories. Is it ok, for a limited amount of time take the route of the diet bar? For me it will be the case.