Day 2: The canteen problem on the job

After day one with a good execution of the diet came day 2. It started with the protein panckake the same as the day before but the lunch turn the good execution of the day before over the board.

On my job, we have a canteen, free, for lunch. The food is quite ok, but you have to schedule the lunch the week before. For this day I’d chose a traditional portuguese dish, Bacalhau à Brás. 

That’s codfish, salted, with fried potatoes and eggs, the meal was the one on the picture above. The caloric intake of that, according to My Fitness Pal, is around 600 calories, but too much of it from fat, vegetable oils, and carbs. Not even close to a diet meal, and even a healthy one.

Even with the rest of the day being right on track, with salad plus turkey on dinner, and just one diet bar as snack, I was feeling a little worried when getting up to the scale today. But the right diet on the day before, and on the rest of the day, helped, with a 0.6 kg weight loss from the day before. But stil 200 g up from the start of this new journey. Lets see tomorow how the day worked out.