The starting point

If you’re overweight like me is probable that you’ve been on a long journey against it. And if you’re like me you lost more battles than won, and you’re still on the unhealthy side of the weight scale.

On the other day, I’ve watched Netflix Explained episode on the diets and weight loss and got a huge punch in the stomach. It was like the story of my life.

I’ve tried to exercise more, and even got a Personal Trainer a couple of years back. And in that time I’ve lost more than 10kg and got into better shape, even if I didn’t get into the healthy weight that I was targeting. Now I’ve got it all back.

I’m a male in the middle of my thirties, with a clear overweight problem. Technically I’m obese, even if it seems too much for me, maybe I’m self-commiserating.

Last 30 days weight

I’m 1.80m high, and today I’m with 102kg of weight.  Representing a 31.5 BMI, and to that scale above 30 is an obese person.

The goal? Well, more than losing weight the goal is to get more healthy but those two objectives are intertwined. And the fact is that BMI and weight are more easily tracked. So the goal is to achieve a healthy BMI, and that number for me is 25 BMI and 81 kg.

This blog is made primarily to self motivation. Getting the habit of writting down, and justifify myself, will be a way to motivate myself and keep me on track. But if in some way i can be of any use for other people, that would get me an extra satisfatction.

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